12″x 12″

Wood, acrylic, mica

The bones of those that have walked before us lie beneath us. From those bones, that earth, springs forth new life, new potential.

The concept of time becomes a very interesting when showing reverence for a life that once graced our life. When deeply connecting with the memory of the life that was shared a well spring of emotion may surface. A feeling of Presence may emerge, presence of over-lapping time lines. A heart may feel things that become “to big to feel” or a sense of peace may penetrate us. Heart may enter an altered state as an organ of perception. This heart state may bridge timelines and sense into a realm where the living memory or presence may reside or live. The more we open hearts towards the ones that were familiar to us becomes an avenue of communication. Bridging the seen and the unseen world.



32″ x 18″

Wood, acrylic, mica

Sometimes things remain dormant until just the right time. With all the ingredients of what it is to become weaving into it. Then, emergence begins with its own timing.  With its blooming into the world, all that it ever was and dreams of becoming rise with it.


“Grandmother’s Pleiades”

I remember asking my grandmother Marie one cold winters night as she sat by the wood stove knitting what she thought about while she knit, she replied “I think about where I came from.”

Invoking me into wonder, I lay in bed wondering upon wondering about where we all came from. The more I thought about it, the bigger I felt. I fell asleep that frosty full moon night and dreamt of the Pleiades.